In 2009, the Jewish Family Service of Houston established Celebration Company, which is a social entrepreneurial program for adults with disabilities. Celebration Company provides life skills and meaningful employment to individuals who, with joy and purpose, provide services and create products that celebrate the good of life. 


The Center for Art and Photography at Celebration Company is a recent addition to Celebration Company's portfolio. In 2013, as a part of the JFS Alexander Institute's Film and Art Festival, ReelAbilities, a filmmaker and photographer trained Celebration Company members how to use adaptive cameras. Since the first photo-shoot at the Houston Zoo, which was featured on the front page of The Houston Chronicle, regular photo-shoots are a weekly part of the Celebration Company program. With a fresh view through the lens, Celebration Company photographers share their world view with zest, enthusiasm, and the joy of discovery.


Your purchase of a photograph by Celebration Company photographers supports this program and the artistic expressions of its photographers. In addition to purchasing photos, we invite individuals and corporations to underwrite the photo-shoots in support of the program. There are also options for companies to commission photo-shoots of specific subjects, including their locations, service representatives, and customers. A special rotating exhibition subscription is also available for corporations. To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Jamie Weiner, LMSW, Director of Celebration Company at 713- 667-4727 or email [email protected].


To purchase photos at those time, please select a subject from the left column on the home page, select the image you wish to purchase, and add any other items such as matte or frame. The items are shipped directly to you. The Center for Art and Photography at Celebration Company will send you a sticker for the back of your purchase to affix to each photograph with the biography of the photographer.


To see a video about Melissa, a photographer at The Center for Art and Photography at Celebration Company who shares her experience as a photographer please go to


Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy your beautiful new photographs!



Harry Samelson             Melissa Shapiro

Neville Karpas                 Evan Levine

Ari Klein                          Kevyn M.

Ian Spindler                    Arthur Alexander

Gabrielle Howard            David Gummers

Ellen Reichenthal            Arielle Harter